Consolidated Word List Errata

Note: I have edited the Consolidated Word List files on this site to where it no longer has any of the following errors. However, if you are using a different file to study the CWL, this list will still be helpful.

Words Appearing Frequently

Page Number Misspelling Correct Spelling
106 orgetfulness* forgetfulness
133 glasphalt not a word
309 uerte suerte

*actually in Words Appearing with Moderate Frequency

Words Appearing with Moderate Frequency

Page Number Misspelling Correct Spelling
79 donnybook donnybrook
137 inebriacy not a word
204 porphyous porphyrous
235 sesquilateral sesquialteral
256 tambouriens tambourines
261 thersitical not a word
265 topogaphize topographize
288 zerography xerography

Words Appearing Infrequently

Page Number Misspelling Correct Spelling
6 amitious ambitious
7 apocynthion not a word
10 bacciform not a word
10 baccivorous not a word
13 beaner beanery
29 comtemptible contemptible
29 comtemptuous contemptuous
41 docorticate decorticate
42 dompty dumpty
47 enfrancishe enfranchise
52 fibrocitis not a word (probably old spelling of fibrositis)
69 illumiometer illuminometer
70 inbiber imbiber
70 inbroglio imbroglio
70 inelude not a word
76 kekepa kikepa
82 maiant naiant
83 marquette maquette
107 presybytery presbytery
112 rangibility tangibility
116 reverain riverain
117 romaticism romanticism
118 sabulosity not a word
121 secesssion secession
135 synchnocarpous sychnocarpous
136 taxophily toxophily
141 trinked trunked, twinked, trinket (impossible to determine
146 varrio not a word (old spelling of barrio)

11 thoughts on “Consolidated Word List Errata

  1. The words THERSITICAL, APOCYNTHION, BACCIFORM, BACCIVOROUS and SABULOSITY don’t have entries in the Merriam-Webster but have entries on other dictionaries like in the website

  2. The consolidated list is very helpful no doubt. Taking the effort to fix the errata is even more helpful. It takes a lot of effort. Thank you!

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