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Stage: Preliminaries

Description: The Preliminaries consisted of 12 scored spelling words and 12 scored vocabulary questions which counted as Round One, one scored vocabulary question for Round Two and one scored vocabulary question for Round Three. Spellers could earn a maximum of 30 points for correct spellings and responses on the Preliminaries Test.

A correct response in the vocabulary portion of Round 3 earns the speller 3 points; an incorrect response earns the speller 0 points but does not result in elimination from the competition.

Target Score: To advance to the Semifinals in 2015, you’d have needed to earn at least 23 out of 30 possible points on the Preliminaries Test (including Round 3 Vocabulary and Round 3 Vocabulary) and spell correctly in Round 2 and Round 3. That would bring you to 29 out of 36 total points possible in the Preliminaries.

Word Count: 1

Value: 3 points

Spellers Participating: 285

Spellers Answering Incorrectly: 94

Spellers Answering Correctly: 191

Percent Answering Correctly: 67.0%



Test Question

Something in desuetude is:
A. apparently abandoned
B. in pain
C. deeply desired
D. emotionally conflicted

Correct Answer

A. apparently abandoned

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