This is the best site on the web for spelling bee preparation! This site includes:

  • Experienced insight on all aspects of the bee
  • Access to crucial yet elusive lists (such as the Consolidated Word List or Paideia)
  • General tips
  • Archives of past Bees
  • An assortment of painstakingly-constructed lists with a wide variance in difficulty
  • Invaluable materials to succeed at any level of competition

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If you have any questions about this site or its upcoming features, please direct an email to coleshaferray (at) gmail.com (Cole Shafer-Ray).

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  1. I won district bee. How do I prepare for regional spelling bee? Can you please help me any word list. How do we know what kind of words are asking in specific region

    • There is no appointed list but the best one to study is the ‘words of champions’ you can buy a physical copy on amazon and there digital copies all over the internet. Good luck!

  2. Hi, I just won my district spelling bee using the “Word Club” app, but I didn’t know if there are any other apps or programs that I could use to study for the regional. Thanks, Jake

  3. I’m a previous winner of school, regional, and state level bees and my study tactic was writing down each word three times and then spelling it in my head five times until I was thoroughly comfortable with each and every word.

  4. You should look at the spelling list(by searching it up) and then write it 5 times and say it in your mind 5 times. That made me be a school spelling bee champion easily.

  5. Hi Cole, I am the new Pronouncer for the Thunder Regional Spelling Bee in Oklahoma City on March 6. I would like to acknowledge your accomplishments in this regional Bee event. I have a couple of questions for you. What school did you represent in 2015 when you were the National Runner-Up? How old were you? In the previous years, did you place in the Top 10? Thanks for your help. If you are in Oklahoma City on the 6th, stop by! Regards, David Ragland 918-645-4934. E-mail is davidr@kenco-eng.com

    • It’s good to read the whole thing 3 times, (which I am currently doing) and then look for words that might trip you up or you think are hard, (spelling and vocab) and put the in a spreadsheet and revise them. btw, my name is Jeremiah, and I’m in the 6th grade. (I also made it to nationals in 2019 when I was in 4th grade)

  6. Dear Cole, my dream is to win the 2021 National Spelling Bee But I don’t now where to start. I have won my school spelling bee 2 years in a row and I always mess up in the county spelling bee. I did worst this year than last year! I couldn’t spell my 1st word correctly! Can you please help me!

  7. Hi, Cole, this is Kara. I will be an eighth grader this year. Back in January, I became my county’s spelling bee champion. I never had my regional spelling bee because of COVID-19. Nevertheless, they will still do it. Meanwhile, I have been studying nonstop. I am even thinking about creating a spelling website, some study guides, and a spelling book! I appreciate that you are helping students improve their everyday vocabulary and that you are encouraging them to attend the Scripps National Spelling Bee! Overall, I am pleased you created this website! Thank you so much!

  8. Owen, you should have thought of Italian, since Autostrada ends in -strada, meaning street in italian.I do see how you got confused on the etymology though.

  9. I just got out in the NSB on Autostrada, thinking it was a t instead of a d because strat means street in latin. Was autostrada on your lists?

    • Owen, you should have thought of Italian, since Autostrada ends in -strada, meaning street in italian.I do see how you got confused on the etymology though.

  10. I need to know why we have words for 6-8 when im in 8 grade and its a lot of words we getting all the words and we just got the paper today and the spelling bee tomorrow

  11. I have read the list for 5th Graders and I would like to know who comes out with the list. Is there a special interest agenda being pushed on the kids. My son came home with a list of words such as “Methuselah”. I wonder how is that productive, normal,practical or even beneficial to know Noah’s grand father.

    That is just crazy!!!!

    • Scripps makes the lists. Because for the school bees, it is mostly rote memorization, it is more plausible than memorizing the entire dictionary for nationals, say. Btw, In fifth, this is the list I asked my teacher for as extra after I studied the first one, so I think that the teachers select the lists, although Scripps writes them.

  12. I really can’t find the spelling list for my school(citrus elementary)which is weird because my friend Nester found seven hundred words for it. Please help,my spelling bee is on January the twenty-fourth!!!

  13. Hi I’m in 3rd grade going to the spelling bee and lost my words please send me my 3rd grade words because I have nothing to practice

    Thanks you from

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